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Message par Gakman le Mer 27 Avr - 23:03

Changement pile :

Phoenix :
si écran tout coloré (1 couleur) et pas de boot + loin = suicidé

- Remove the Battery located in the lower right corner of the game P.C.B
Once you have your replacement program ROM's open up the game case and insert them into
the appropriately numberd sockets on the game pcb. Check the lithium battery for power
with a volt meter and then remove it from the PCB (its no longer needed). If it had power
then you'll need to let the PCB rest for a few hours so any algorithm data which could
still be intact is lost (the game probably won't boot until this happens). Removing the
battery also removes risk of corrosion if it were to leak in the future.
(faire si écran coloré après phoenixage)

- Look at the solder side of the P.C.B and locate position 'EXC1'. It is positioned
a little above the 03 to 10 ROM sockets.

- Using a multi meter or small piece of wire short the 3 solder points of 'EXC1'
together for a few seconds.

Following these steps should remove any power left in the P.C.B that was keeping the
corrupted data in place. Try the board again and see if you see something now. If the
board still does nothing try these steps again. If it still dosn't work then
there is a separate fault on the PCB.

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