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Message par Gakman le Mer 4 Mai - 23:43

toutes les séries compatibles avec les jackets :
(prise d’extension H31-36-37 plus petite que celle des H38-39-54-55 mais ont ils ont une prise de transfo séparée.)

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3100 series
StrongARM SA-1110 (206MHz), 16Mo RAM, 16Mo ROM, 240*320 15 grayscale, PPC 2000 (updatable en 2002)
» Compaq iPAQ h3130 Pocket PC
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3135
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3150

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3600 series
idem sauf 32(64)Mo RAM, 240*320 4K color
note : les H36 de fin de production ont des cartes mères de H37 32Mo ROM bridées en 16Mo (il existe un outil non officiel pour débrider)
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3630
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3635
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3640
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3641
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3650
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3660
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3670 : 64Mo

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3700 series
idem sauf 64Mo RAM, 32Mo ROM, PPC 2002
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3730
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3760
» Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC h3765

HP iPAQ h3800 Pocket PC series
idem sauf (32)64Mo RAM, 64K color, slot SD, (Bluetooth)
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3815 (32Mo ?)
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3825 (32Mo ?)
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3830 (32Mo)
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3835
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3845
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3850
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3870 (BT)
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3875 (BT)

HP iPAQ h3900 Pocket PC series
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3950
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3955
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3970
» HP iPAQ Pocket PC h3975

HP iPAQ h5100 Pocket PC series
» HP iPAQ h5150 Pocket PC

HP iPAQ h5400 Pocket PC series
» HP iPAQ h5450 Pocket PC
» HP iPAQ h5455 Pocket PC

HP iPAQ h5500 Pocket PC series
» HP iPAQ h5550 Pocket PC
» HP iPAQ h5555 Pocket PC

ROM upgrade :

I changed my Ipaq 5450 language from spanish to english...
The process was very similar with the older ipaq's versions...

This process works with Pocket PC202 and PPC 2003

Follow the next steps:

You need an Hexadecimal editor (example UltraEdit-32)

1) Download the english version from the image (HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Series ROM Update) from:
You can use the the Pocket PC 2003 Upgrade CD too.

2) Run the .exe file. Extract all the files and cancel the operation.

2b) If you have de Pocket PC 2003 upgrade CD:
- Run the upgrade process until the Licence Requirements window appears (don't cancel the step)
- The upgrade files are extracting automatically in the directory C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\Local Settings\Temp\pft##.tmp
- Copy all the file in another directory
- Then return to the Licence Requirements windows and cancel the operation

3) Go to your directory and make a copy to the file KERNEL*.nbf (the name of the copy file most NOT start with "KERNEL")

4) Edit the original KERNEL*.nbf with your hexadecimal editor. Change the first lines: ENGLISH to FRENCH and ENG to FRE, save the file and quit the editor

5) Execute the RUU.exe
6) In the Welcome to the ROM Update Utility for the iPAQ Pocket PC select the checkbox and press Next
7) In the next windows Follow the instructions below to prepare the iPAQ Pocket PC for the update process and press Next
Cool In the Current information about your iPAQ Pocket PC windows press update.
9) In the next window you pass the validation of the language of your ipaq. In this step, go to your directory, rename the original KERNEL*.nbf (the name file most NOT start with "KERNEL"). Then rename the copy of the original file with the original KERNEL*.nbf name
10) Return to the upgrade window and continue the process...

Importante Note.
This process terminate with your ipaq warranty.
This process helps you to upgrade or change language for your h5450 ipaq, but the system configuration still appears as your original language. This means that in next upgrades you will have to repeat the same procedure.

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